Top HR Processes that You can Automate

Human resources is responsible for a wide variety of tasks and most of those tasks are document-driven. Today, many companies are turning to HR automation software solutions to reduce the time needed to perform redundant and time-consuming tasks to make their departments more efficient and to save money.

With HR automation, HR personnel can free up their time so that they can attend to their jobs with greater efficiency. Take payroll as a good example; payroll has always entailed that personnel spend hours or days manually inputting payroll data. With an HRMS in place – like ZenHR – the staff can now follow a few simple steps in order to complete this hectic process. This can help them focus their efforts on other beneficial duties such as working on internal strategies to help the company grow.

So what are the top HR processes that you can actually Automate?

On-boarding and Off-boarding

An HRMS allows you to welcome your new hires with an automated on-boarding package so they can get familiar with the team and the company culture. Also, you can make your off-boarding process easier than ever by managing asset returns and all other termination related items once an employee resigns.

Vacations and Leaves Management

HR automation allows your employees to request all kinds of vacations and leaves through your HRMS without the need for any paperwork or emails. The system will also calculate vacation balances without the need for your involvement.

Company Announcements

Most HRMS Systems come with a calendar dashboard to help you plan and mark upcoming events such as public holidays, company-wide meetings and events, or any other important dates. You can also assign who of your users will receive those announcements.

Company Document Center

You no longer have to print copies of important company documents. By using an HRMS like ZenHR, you can upload and share documents internally and set specific access permissions for each one of them. You can also set an expiry notifications for each of your documents, prompting you to take action if needed.


Manual entry and tracking of time-sheets can be very inefficient and time-consuming. When the approval process for time-sheets is automated, the data collection, validation and documentation of such information becomes much more faster and accurate.


With HR automation you can do salary calculations and deductions in a fast and efficient manner. This way, you will have a fully documented salary history with localization for both taxes and social security.

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