ZenHR Solutions to Power the HR and Recruitment Process of Propeller Startups

ZenHR Solutions, the revolutionary human resources solutions group, announces a partnership with Propeller Inc., a technology Venture Platform based in Amman, Jordan, targeting the MENA region.

This partnership aims to cover the HR and recruitment needs of Propeller startups through a number of cloud-based HR and recruitment products including: ZenHR Human Resources Management System (HRMS), Akhtaboot recruitment services, Career Connect recruitment engine and Cavall Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Mr. Ibrahim Seksek, Cofounder COO of ZenHR Solutions said: “With all the talk these days about the candidate experience, startups need to find the best talent using minimal resources, while creating a positive experience. This is where ZenHR Solutions comes into play. ZenHR Solutions HR and recruitment products aim to create an empowering process to help Propeller startups reach their highest potential while focusing on their core businesses.

Mr. Mustafa Khalifeh, Managing Partner & CEO at Propeller, said: “Finding the first hires is a huge step in the life of our startups, that’s why we are extremely happy to partner with ZenHR Solutions to help our startups with their HR and recruitment needs. At Propeller, we are firm believers that a startup is only as exceptional as its people, and to have exceptional people on board, a strong recruitment and HR process is a must. We highly encourage our startups to make the most of this partnership.”

With the aim to simplify and streamline the Human Resources processes from “Acquire” to “Retire”, Propeller startups will be able to implement ZenHR Human Resources Management System (HRMS) to automate all of their HR processes including but not limited to: payroll, attendance, and personnel.

In addition to ZenHR HRMS, startups at Propeller will receive complementary recruitment services from Akhtaboot – the career network and Cavall applicant tracking system, in addition to the opportunity to implement Career Connect, the Cloud-Based Recruitment Management Software Solution, powering their websites with a fully branded and customized careers section with the ability to post unlimited job vacancies while receiving job applications directly onto their websites.

For more information, please contact:

Mais Gousous

Head of Marketing & Communications

ZenHR Solutions (www.zenhrsolutions.com)


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