4 Simple Employee Wellness Perks to Implement in 2018

Long gone are the days when “employee wellness” solely meant gym membership discounts and smoke cessation sessions. Companies are now putting effort into combining traditional corporate wellbeing efforts with career development opportunities and the results speak volumes. If you want to become an employer of choice for your new and existing employees, here are some wellbeing perks to consider adding to your 2018 HR program:    

Mental Health Awareness

Depression, stress and anxiety disorders not only affect performance and productivity, they can also take a toll on your employees’ physical health. Educate your employees on the importance of speaking up about any issue that they’ve been struggling with mentally. It could be anything from post-natal anxiety support, to helping out an employee who’s grieving the loss of a loved one. Plan yearly retreats for your employees where they can unwind, reconnect and rejuvenate. Remember, in order to have happier employees, allow them some time to sort out and enjoy their personal lives.

Offer Discounts on Healthy Meals

Another simple yet effective perk that your company can offer is to look for ways to promote and support health awareness programs, such as offering healthy meals at discounted prices. Partner with restaurants in your area that offer healthy food options and extend this offer beyond working hours.

Learning and Development Classes

Look for ways to encourage your employees to reach their full potential in their careers by providing them with access to learning material or training opportunities. This could be as small as recommending free online courses and as big as sending employees abroad to attend specialized courses.

Show Appreciation by Rewarding Great Employees

Give your outstanding performers a self-esteem boost by recognizing their good work publicly. This will not only motivate them to continue producing great results, but it can also motivate the rest of the team to follow suit. Simple gestures of appreciation can range from giving an extra day off, to sending a company-wide public announcement regarding your employee’s achievement.

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