Why You Should Start Investing in Hiring People with Disabilities

Companies these days need to follow best practices in creating a diverse and inclusive work environment that is based on providing equal opportunities for its employees regardless of gender, race, or disability. When it comes to including people with disabilities in the hiring process, employers need to understand that they are offering a job to a fully qualified candidate who can excel at performing his or her job.

ZenHR provides you with a number of reasons why your company should rethink its recruitment and selection policy and start including people with disabilities:

Enhanced Diversity & Corporate Culture

Hiring people with disabilities enhances your company’s diversity and enriches your corporate culture. Corporate culture defines what the company is all about and refers to the shared set of values, attitudes, and beliefs. It’s a source of motivation for employees and an excellent competitive edge when hiring.

Increased Profit & Productivity

Candidates with disabilities who meet your job requirements and find themselves in a convenient work environment that values their contributions can demonstrate great engagement, motivation, and commitment towards their jobs.

Candidates with disabilities fully understand how difficult job search can be, and the daily hardships that they encounter motivate them to accomplish even more.

In addition, they are used to finding solutions that require flexibility and creativity in overcoming the difficulties that might get in their ways. This creativity will benefit each employee in the team and the company as a whole, which will eventually lead to more profit.

Bigger Talent Pool

Many companies unknowingly miss-out on the opportunity to hire excellent candidates who strive for excellence in whatever they do. Including people with disabilities in your candidates’ pool will provide you with more options to choose from. A smart company capitalizes on the abilities of its people.  By including people with disabilities into your pool of candidates, you’ll gain competitive advantages, improve your bottom line, enhance your retention rates, and expand your market to include new consumers.

So what is the next step?

Now is a great time to start working towards ensuring that people with disabilities are a part of your recruitment efforts. Start by making changes in your internal policies so that it prioritizes hiring people with disabilities.

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