Pressing Issues Women Still Face at Work

Despite the legal obligations that companies need to follow to ensure gender equality in the workplace, many organizations to this day are unaware that for many female employees the reality is different. Women have been used to getting the short end of the stick ever since they stepped into the corporate world. Today, women are... Continue Reading →

ZenHR Solutions to Power the HR and Recruitment Process of Propeller Startups

ZenHR Solutions (, the revolutionary human resources solutions group, announces a partnership with Propeller Inc., a technology Venture Platform based in Amman, Jordan, targeting the MENA region. This partnership aims to cover the HR and recruitment needs of Propeller startups through a number of cloud-based HR and recruitment products including: ZenHR Human Resources Management System... Continue Reading →

ZenHR Mobile App is Finally Out

The ZenHR Team is pleased to announce that we have incorporated our client's feedback through the launch of our new ZenHR Mobile Application. By launching our mobile employee self-service (ESS) solution, you will be able to offer your entire workforce immediate access to critical HR-related tasks and information that your employees need for accurate and efficient operations. Through ZenHR’s employee self-service (ESS) Mobile Application, your employees can... Continue Reading →

How to Motivate Millennials in the Workplace?

Millennials have been changing the workplace ever since they stepped into the scene nearly a decade ago. Now, millennials are growing older and are climbing up the corporate ladder. There are many definitions of who “millennials” are, but the earliest year of when they emerged is 1980, which means the oldest millennials are now 38.... Continue Reading →

Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Employees

As an HR person, one of your main responsibilities is to retain the company’s top talents and make sure they feel proud to work at your company. In order to have a happy, hard-working, passionate, and productive team, you should be able to show that you truly value and appreciate their contribution. ZenHR highlights 3... Continue Reading →

Delivering Value to your Personnel with an HRMS

A Human Resources Management System "HRMS" like ZenHR is critical for any organization that is looking to get rid of traditional, manual and time consuming HR tasks and opt for could-based HR automation. An HRMS will help you create a speedy on-boarding and off-boarding processes, track employee leaves and vacation balances and calculate salaries in... Continue Reading →

Common Payroll Problems & How to Resolve them

No matter how large your company is, managing payroll is considered to be one of the most hectic tasks for the HR department. Disorganized payroll processes may cause serious problems within your company, including legal issues, dissatisfied employees, and costly tax and social security mistakes. ZenHR highlights the most common payroll problems that you should... Continue Reading →

Why You Should Always Conduct Exit Interviews?

An exit interview is a smart way that can help you gain deep insight and honest feedback from employees who will be leaving your company. Exit interviews are usually conducted by the HR department through in-person meetings, phone calls, or surveys. While current employees might hesitate to provide you with their honest opinions about the... Continue Reading →

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