Case Study: How Jordan Paramedic Society achieved 30% savings in HR costs using ZenHR’s HR Software

Company Studied: Jordan Paramedic Society (JPS) Website:  Industry: NGO Location: Amman, Jordan Number of Employees: 26 - 100 Jordan Paramedic Society is as local, not-for-profit, NGO founded in Jordan in 2012 on the basis of serving, supporting, and motivating the surrounding community and the MENA region.  JPS is established by a group of professionals... Continue Reading →

Do you have a new employee joining your team some time soon? Do you have a well structured onboarding process planned out? The truth is, many companies invest a great deal in the recruitment process and forget about investing in the onboarding process as well. As a result, new hires might not feel fully impressed,... Continue Reading →

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