How ZenHR Completely Transformed Hello World Kids’ Attendance and Time-Tracking Process

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“Not only does ZenHR cover all of the company’s HR needs, but it is also incredibly user-friendly. The onboarding team is amazing, quick to respond, and always there when we need them.” 

Liza Omar, Head of Human Resources at Hello World Kids
  • Industry: Education Administration Programs
  • Company size: 25 Employees
  • Headquarters: Amman, Jordan

About Hello World Kids 

Hello World Kids is on a mission to make the education of coding as easy and accessible as possible. Coding is an essential skill that must be ingrained in the educational journey from very early on. Hello World Kids teaches native coding to kids from the ages of six to twelve. Hello World Kids owns and operates, a full-featured, interactive, multilingual smart online platform for kids to learn and practice coding.

The Challenge 

Tracking attendance was one of the HR team’s main challenges at Hello World Kids. Manually tracking employee attendance becomes a hassle as it’s hard to constantly stay on top of every clockin/out employees make. Monitoring and tracking the time of each transaction was also burdensome to say the least. Since attendance is reflected on payroll calculations, any manual error or mishap directly affects the company and employees. With that said, it was time for Hello World Kids to streamline this process with ZenHR. 

The Solution

ZenHR’s attendance and time-tracking module gave Hello World Kids the needed functionality. This module allowed them to automate and manage attendance tracking efficiently and more accessible than ever before. With the help of ZenHR, the Hello World Kids HR team can now get precise, real-time attendance reports in less time and with more accuracy, highlighting all attendance shortages and overtime. The geolocation time tracking feature enables the HR team to track employee check-in and check-out times at work and all kinds of breaks using the mobile app and web-based platform.  ZenHR’s integration with attendance machines gathers employee attendance data in real-time onto ZenHR’s platform, eliminating paper-based time-tracking for more accurate payroll calculations.

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