Burnout Prevention Tips for HR Employees

Burnout Prevention Tips for HR Employees

HR professionals have a lot on their plates. Wearing multiple hats and dealing with tight deadlines throughout the year can lead to a lot of built-up stress. The same passion that makes HR employees good at their job also makes them vulnerable to burnout even in the best of times. It’s crucial to try to prevent burnout before it becomes too late. Preventing HR burnout can save companies money and, most importantly, help them retain their hardworking employees.

Signs Of HR Burnout

It’s essential for employers to try and recognize employee burnout before it’s too late. Here are a few of the common signs of HR burnout:

  • Working more overtime hours than usual
  • Working over the weekends
  • Decrease in quality of work
  • Less socializing and more isolation than usual
  • Increase in sick/personal days
  • Disengagement

How Employers Can Help Prevent HR Burnout

HR professionals are an undeniable asset to every company. As an employer, you don’t want to lose your best HR talent to burnout, especially if it is preventable. Here are a few ways to help prevent HR burnout before it’s too late:

Regular Check-ins 

Open and transparent communication is critical to preventing HR burnout. Checking in with employees regularly, providing feedback, and asking for employee feedback in return is crucial. Be sure your employees know they can ask for help and shouldn’t be afraid to speak up when they feel things are getting too hectic. Discuss realistic workloads, deadlines, and expectations with your HR team. When expectations are clear for your team, workdays are a lot less stressful and more productive.

Encourage Breaks

One of the healthiest things an employee can do is make time for breaks throughout their workday. According to research, taking even a five-minute break can have several mental and physical health benefits. Employers should encourage their HR teams to take small breaks throughout the day to decompress. They should also encourage employees to use their PTO and take time off, especially when they are feeling too stressed. Taking a personal day can significantly help reduce the chance of burnout and help relieve any built-up stress. It’s vital that your HR team knows they can and should take breaks and time off when necessary.

Flexible Schedules

It’s important to be considerate of your HR professional’s well-being, whether it’s their commute or other daily responsibilities. You should encourage your team to try and maintain a work-life balance by offering flexible schedules that include working from home. Flexible hours can eliminate many workplace stressors employees face. This will make HR professionals feel like they have more control over their own schedules and work environment, which will increase morale and reduce the chances of work overload.

Cross-Train HR Employees

It’s essential to ensure that more than one HR employee is capable of handling multiple responsibilities. This is so others will be able to help out if a co-worker needs to take a day off or needs any help. Many employees will feel guilty for taking a day off if they are the only person in the office who can do a certain task, leading to HR employees not taking time off that they need to recharge. So by cross-training your HR team, you’ll help reduce stress, and colleagues will be able to help each other with challenging tasks and easily fill in for one another when needed.

Appreciate Employees

Whether it’s financial, social, or verbal recognition, always ensure employees are rewarded for their hard work and dedication and feel appreciated. Feeling appreciated is a basic human need, and without any type of reward, employees are likely to feel that they are working for a paycheck and nothing more. A lack of appreciation will eventually lead to disengagement. But simply recognizing your HR professionals for a job well done will go a long way in preventing burnout as well as increasing their engagement.

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