Why You Should Invest In Your Employer Brand

Employer brand is more than just a marketing buzzword, but an essential element of any business’s strategy. Investing in your employer brand is more profitable than you think, and it’s what will help you stand out from other companies. It plays a vital role in recruitment, retention, and an organization’s long-term success. 

What is Employer Branding?

Employer branding is simply a company’s reputation as an employer and the value it brings or what it offers to its employees. It’s the public image you’ve built around your workplace culture and how others perceive your company as a place to work. 

Positive employer branding helps to attract and retain quality employees, who are crucial to the success and growth of your business. As your business’s identity, it can depict your company as a good employer and stand out to candidates who are looking for jobs.

Here are some more reasons why you should invest in your employer brand:

Attract & Retain Great Employees

A strong employer brand will help you find new top talent and make your existing employees proud that they are a part of your organization. Being a part of a company that has a great work culture is important to job seekers nowadays, which companies need to be mindful of and take advantage of by showcasing their culture. Most job seekers will look at your company’s social profiles before applying, utilize social media to help you project an employee-centric culture, and make your company look attractive to potential candidates. 

Reduce Recruitment Costs

When you have a great employer brand and reputation as an employer, it’ll take a lot less time and cost to fill a vacancy. By building a prominent employer brand, you won’t need to spend much on recruiting costs or promoting job openings on job boards and career sites. When candidates are familiar with your employer brand, they are more likely to respond to recruiters who reach out to them and are more likely to find you themselves. Investing in your employer brand will help you enhance your candidate experience and attract passive candidates.

Appeal to Tech-Savvy Candidates

Employer branding isn’t just about wowing prospective candidates with content but also about moving them through a tech-driven and innovative hiring process. Tech-savvy candidates are looking for a place they can thrive, which is a company that is tech-savvy too, and an applicant tracking system(ATS) can show just that. Using an ATS allows you to move candidates through a personalized, quick, and smooth hiring experience. Demonstrating digital aptitude as an employer can help you attract these tech-savvy applicants while elevating their engagement and interest in your company. 

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