New Recruiting Trends You Should Start Implementing in 2022

Recruitment has gone through some significant changes in recent years. New technology and advanced hiring practices have undoubtedly played a role in this, and there are no signs of it slowing down. Here are some emerging recruitment trends that you should look into implementing in your company in 2022 so you can positively impact your recruiting strategy.

Remote Interviewing

One of the most recent recruitment trends that have emerged is remote interviewing. It has become necessary for hiring during the COVID-19 pandemic and has continued to gain popularity for its efficiency. Thanks to technology, you can now hold interviews with candidates almost anytime and anywhere with video conferencing software like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and similar platforms. Remote interviewing also facilitates collaborative hiring, making it easier for other departments to participate in your interview and selection process.

Employer Branding

People want to work at companies that they can be proud of. Therefore, it’s essential for your company to build its employer brand, making the vision and mission of the company crystal clear. Branding towards your potential employees will help boost the company’s popularity, value proposition, and reputation. You can create a strong employer brand by having a prominent social media presence, adding testimonials to your website, and other creative ways that will make your company look more attractive from an outside perspective.

Candidate Experience 

Every step of the recruiting process matters, even if the applicant doesn’t make it to the final stage. Delivering a good candidate experience is all about ensuring they have a positive experience throughout the recruitment process. Upgrading career sites and using surveys to get feedback from candidates are a couple of ways you can improve your candidate experiences. Companies that focus on building a positive experience and culture for employees are likely to be more successful and profitable. 

Inbound Recruitment

Inbound recruiting can help create a great candidate experience. Inbound recruiting is all about creating targeted employer brand campaigns with the help of the marketing department. With this marketing approach to recruiting, you can connect with active jobseekers, engage with networks of top talent, and create a seamless application process. Inbound recruitment is a simple way to step up your game by building relationships with potential candidates.

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