How to Support Employees with Children

In the past, having children meant that one parent had to leave their full-time job or change their career to better suit the growing demands of starting a family. The number of mothers and fathers in the workplace with dependent children is rising, and supporting them has become necessary. Working parents need more than a parental leave that lets them stay home for a few weeks. They want to have formal policies that allow them to juggle work and home demands efficiently. Here are some steps you can take as an employer to help you support your working parents. 

Flexible Schedules

Employees with children face unpredictable schedules, even more so now since the pandemic hit. Even with remote work, employees need flexible working hours to help manage their kids’ lives and maintain balance. Between online schooling, daycare, sick days, and unexpected curve-balls parents may face, keeping up with work can be extremely difficult if the company isn’t accommodating. You can support them by allowing them to alter their work schedules and work flexible hours; sometimes, employees with children can’t start work until a specific time or may need to leave or take multiple breaks mid-day to attend to their kids. Overall, giving them this flexibility will not only help relieve stress and burnout, but it will enhance their productivity too. 

Encourage Time Off

Companies that encourage their employees to take time off truly understand the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance, especially when it comes to working parents. Whether it’s maternity or paternity leave, taking a sick day, or a family vacation, urging parents actually to take a break from work is critical to their mental health. Giving them this time off allows them to relax, spend time with their kids, and recharge. Integrating parental leave policies and advocating for time off in the workplace makes it easier on employees that juggle work and kids. Supporting them to maintain a work-life balance leads to a happier team and encourages everyone to bring their whole selves when they are present.  

Access to Childcare

Giving working parents the support they need to care for their young children includes paid parental leave, sick days, and flexible working arrangements. Another important family-friendly policy companies should take on is giving employees access to quality childcare. This can be a pivotal factor for working parents; having policies and resources to help care for their children will make them feel appreciated and supported. Companies can offer childcare by offering inclusive insurance plans, partnering with childcare providers, providing helpful resources, and creating onsite daycares or nurseries. You can also support your employees by allowing them to bring their children to work on a rough day.

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