How to Choose the Right HR Software for Your Business

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It goes without saying that having an HR Software is no longer a luxury! Choosing and implementing the right HRMS will bring many benefits to your business, including but not limited to time and cost savings, compliance to local labor laws and an enhanced employee experience. With so many available options on the market, ZenHR will help you choose the best HR Software by following the below tips:

  • Create a selection team

Keep in mind that the HR software you choose will not only impact the HR department in your company, it will also have a direct impact on the finance, payroll, and IT departments. That’s why you need to form a team that involves representatives from your different departments from the very beginning of the selection process. Make sure that each team member clearly understands his/her role in this process and collect the input and feedback of every department representative.

  • Identify gaps and weaknesses in your current HR processes

Start by holding a brainstorming session with the selection team, and focus during this session on what are the current problems and gaps in your HR processes. Ask each of the selection team members to provide their input about what they find ineffective in the current state, then identify what modifications need to be made to the current processes to overcome those problems.

  • Create a list of required features

Ask each team member to create a list of the key features that they believe are important to the company and their specific department. Ask them to divide the features into “Essential to have” and “Nice to have”, and then combine them all into a list with priorities that includes all the important features that you need to look for in the new HR software.

  • Shortlist software providers that meet your requirements

Now you should have 2 -3 potential HR Software vendors that actually meet your full list of features and requirements. Research those options carefully and gather as much information about them as possible, such as how long have they been in the business? Who are their current customers? Do they have a dedicated support team? Then study the pricing and implementation timeline of each software, and identify which one of them matches your needs, time and budget.

  • Conduct product demos

All members of your selection team should attend the demo sessions. Inform the software provider ahead of time about the most important features for you and what they need to focus on in the demo. Ask your team to write notes during the session and encourage them to ask as many questions as needed. During the demo process, the most important feature that you should evaluate is the user-friendliness of the system.

  • Make a decision

After following the above points, you might have more than one solution that fits your business needs and requirements. If there’s one clear option that best matches your needs, time, and budget then get the approval from the management and choose it. If you have more than one option, we highly recommend that you discuss the pros and cons of each software internally and then choose the one that meets most of your requirements at the best price.

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