5 Tips for Attracting Top Tech Talent

It comes as no surprise that every single business in today’s market needs tech talent to drive its business forward, that’s why top tech talent experience high demand. As a result, attracting and hiring tech talent is one of the biggest hiring challenges that HR departments face. ZenHR provides you with 5 tips for attracting tech talent.

  1. Involve your current tech team in the recruitment process

When hiring a tech candidate, you need a recruiter who speaks the right language. Your current tech team are already familiar with the specific requirements and skills needed for the job, that’s why you should involve them in different phases of the hiring process including the writing of the job descriptions and conducting the interviews. In addition to this, candidates will be more interested when they talk with someone who sounds professional and knowledgeable in technology.

  1. Be active in the local tech community

If you want to present yourself as an employer of choice for top tech talent, you need to be active in offline tech events such as workshops, conferences, and social events. Networking face to face with targeted candidates will make it easier for you to find and attract the right candidate. Offline events are also a chance to meet with industry experts who can recommend your company as a great place to work at.

  1. Invest in Technology

Tech professionals are passionate about everything related to technology, and they want to work in a place that offers trending tech tools and equipment. They believe that they need modern tools and equipment to be able to achieve their best. You might not be able to afford offering the latest equipment, but you should be able to offer at least the same level of tech your candidates are using at home.

  1. Understand what candidates want

Businesses can no longer assume that offering high salaries will get them the best talent, especially when it comes to tech candidates, who are in general more complicated than other candidates. It’s recommended that you understand the exact wants and needs of each employee and customize your work schedules and compensation packages accordingly whenever it’s possible.

  1. Offer an attractive career path

Non-linear career paths are the new norm, especially for tech people who are usually more excited about new challenges than traditional promotions. So if you want to attract and retain tech talent, you should provide them with the opportunity to change their roles and the projects they work on continuously.

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