Transparency in the Workplace: How to Create it and What are the Benefits?

A transparent work culture is a culture that encourages openness between employees and management, the management is open and honest with its employees, employees feel comfortable in providing their ideas and input, and the whole company is honest with its customers.

Fostering a transparent workplace and implementing it in the right way will bring many exceptional results and advantages to your company, ZenHR provides you with some of these benefits.

  1. Higher Employee Engagement

When your employees receive honest feedback about their contribution in achieving company’s goals and they are comfortable in providing their opinions and ideas openly, they will feel more motivated to achieve better, leading to greater engagement.

  1. Better Hiring Decisions

The benefits of workplace transparency are not limited to the current employees and management only, but this will affect your potential hires as well. When you are honest and open about your company culture, expectations, and salary ranges, you avoid hires that don’t fit your company.

  1. Higher Customer Satisfaction

How your employees feel at work affects how they will interact with customers, so when they feel valued, appreciated, and happy, they will start building stronger relationships with their customers. In addition to the fact that customers always prefer buying the products or services from a company that is trustworthy and transparent.


ZenHR provides you also with some tips to help you create a transparent workplace.

  1. Encourage Communication

Make sure each employee in your company knows where to find any needed information and data, make communication easier by offering tech tools that allow colleagues to communicate with each other easily, and hold regular meetings for the whole company to make sure everyone is on the same page.

  1. Welcome Constructive Feedback

A key to creating a transparent culture is gaining the trust of your employees in all levels to share their feedback and ask any critical questions. You need a platform that allows employees to submit their feedback anonymously.

  1. Share Results with Your Employees

Sharing the plans with your employees is not enough, you have to share the results as well whether they worked or they didn’t work. Keeping your employees in the loop strengthens their confidence in the company.

  1. Used a Shared Platform

It’s highly recommended to use a company-wide platform where all projects, tasks, company updates, and announcements are organized in one platform. Such platforms not only enhances communication, it also increases accountability and transparency.

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