Tips to Make Interviews Less Stressful for Candidates

Even for the most talented candidates, job interviews tend to be stressful and never an easy experience, and it’s your responsibility as an HR person to put your candidates at ease and make them feel comfortable during the interview. Sometimes, you might lose the best candidates only for the fact that you didn’t provide them with an opportunity to show their best because they were anxious during the interview. ZenHR provides you with 4 simple tips to improve your candidates’ experience and make your job interviews less stressful.

Give your candidates a warm welcome

Even if you need the candidate to wait for minutes before you’re ready for the interview, never leave them waiting in an empty room. Greet them with a smile, ask them what they’d like to drink, show them the restrooms, encourage them to explore the workspace and then inform them that you need few minutes before you start the interview, this will guarantee that they’ll feel better.

Introduce the company, the role, and yourself

Start by briefing the candidate about the company and its main goals and objectives, introduce the role and the main responsibilities and expectations, then introduce yourself, by informing them who you are and how your position relates to the currently vacant position they’re applying for. When the candidates are familiar with the company, and the person interviewing them, they’ll feel more confident.

Never intimidate your candidates

Interviews are not created to strike fear into interviewees, instead, it’s a chance for you to see if the candidate is a good fit for the company. Trying so hard to look cold and impersonal will not give you a professional image, it will only limit the possibilities to get a good idea of the candidates’ skills and their actual personalities.

Sell your company

In today’s candidate-driven job market and the intense competition for great talent, the interview is not only about liking the candidate, but candidates also have a say when it comes to choosing their jobs. So, whenever it’s possible, try to demonstrate that you have a friendly company culture and that you appreciate your employees. By letting candidates feel welcomed and wanted, you’ll be able to see their true strengths.

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