Why Employee Turnover Isn’t Always Bad

Finding the right candidates for your positions is not an easy task. It requires conscious planning in order to avoid the costly process of seeking a replacement. While employee turnover is a normal part of any business, most of us perceive it to be always bad. This isn’t necessarily true all the time. While having an extremely high turnover rate is actually an indicator that changes need to be made, “some” turnover is as necessary as good hiring.

ZenHR highlights the reasons why employee turnover isn’t always bad.

It’s an Opportunity to Conduct Exit Interviews

Employees who are leaving feel more at ease to share the negatives of working at your company and as a result, you will be able to improve your workplace and environment. Exit interviews can reveal a lot about the aspects that need improvement in your business.

It Allows You to Infuse New Blood into Your Company

Turnover can offer you the opportunity to hire candidates who possess the skills and qualities that you need in order to grow your business. Adding new blood to your organization can shake up the current status quo. New employees come with their own plans and working style and they’re not stuck on: “we’ve always done things this way.”

It Helps you Redefine your Company Culture

Having a high turnover rate might be a major indicator that you need to examine your company culture. Your company culture will help you attract and retain great candidates. Your employees want to know what you stand for as a business. This means that hiring for culture is no longer elective.  You need to take proactive steps to incorporate culture fit into the interview process as well as employee on-boarding sessions. By doing so, you can determine if candidates’ attitudes, work ethic and workplace values align with your company.

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