The Importance of having a Proper Onboarding Process

You have been working hard for days and weeks to find the best candidate for that position in your company, and finally, you found that one person who can add value to your company. But this doesn’t mean that you’re done, this is only half the battle! You need to create a seamless on-boarding process that allows for smooth integration of new hires into your company. If you don’t onboard your new hires properly, this might be a recipe for disaster. ZenHR highlights the main benefits of creating a proper on-boarding process.

  • Enhanced Employee Engagement

Building a comprehensive on-boarding process that provides employees with all the needed information and reading material about the company is one of the best ways to foster engagement from day one. Keeping your new hires engaged throughout their working life at your company results in many benefits such as increased productivity and improved retention.

  • Reduced Turnover

There are many costs related to filling a vacancy at your company, starting with advertising the vacancy, interviewing the candidate, and training him/her, it must be distressing to have this candidate leave within a short period of his employment.

A research shows that 69% of employees are more likely to stay at their jobs for at least three years after a great on-boarding experience. Hence, in order to decrease the turnover rate in your company and increase retention rate, you have to make sure that new hires in your company are getting a good on-boarding experience.

  • On-boarding Statistics for Future Improvements

Another important aspect that you should keep a sharp lookout for, is tracking the progress of new employees passing through your on-boarding process from the start to the end and collecting as much data as possible. This enables you to identify the weak and strong points in the process, set goals for the future, and ensure that your on-boarding process only gets better with time!

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