Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Employees

As an HR person, one of your main responsibilities is to retain the company’s top talents and make sure they feel proud to work at your company. In order to have a happy, hard-working, passionate, and productive team, you should be able to show that you truly value and appreciate their contribution. ZenHR highlights 3 simple ways that HR can say thank you to their employees.

Recognize and Reward Good Performance Publicly

Recognizing and rewarding great performance is a key driver to employee satisfaction and engagement. When employees feel that their efforts and hard work are appreciated, this will encourage them to perform better.

If you still don’t have an effective reward system in your company, start building one immediately. You can start by identifying your company’s goals and outcomes that will be tied to the reward system and then identifying the top performers among your employees.  Make sure that you communicate the reward program to your employees in a clear and quantifiable manner.

Organize Team Building Activities and Company Outings

Another essential way to thank your employees for their efforts is to build a positive company culture that truly understands and promotes employees’ physical and mental needs. Schedule regular outings for your employees to have fun and take a break from the stressful work life.

Empower Your Team Members

The third key to a happy and satisfied team is to make sure that your people feel influential and important at their jobs. Keep in mind that the more you empower your employees to own their jobs, the more they will grow. Show your team that you trust them, offer training and learning opportunities, and delegate as much as you can. When you allow your people to make important decisions, they will start acting like business owners.

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