Delivering Value to your Personnel with an HRMS

A Human Resources Management System “HRMS” like ZenHR is critical for any organization that is looking to get rid of traditional, manual and time consuming HR tasks and opt for could-based HR automation.

An HRMS will help you create a speedy on-boarding and off-boarding processes, track employee leaves and vacation balances and calculate salaries in a localized, fast and more accurate manner. One of the most important benefits of using an HRMS like ZenHR is that it can add tremendous value to your personnel with its fast, efficient, and smart self-service features. Here’s how ZenHR can help you do just that:

  1. Efficient On-boarding and Off-boarding Processes

An HRMS makes the on-boarding  process more seamless as it saves new employees the trouble of going through a series of disorganized requirements and steps. With an HRMS, employees will no longer be bombarded with many forms to fill out and they can easily update their own information and upload their personal documents with a simple click of a mouse.

This also applies to the off-boarding process. When an employee leaves your organization, the cost of their termination can be high, particularly when you have to incur costs to the administrative staff for their time and effort.

  1. Employee Self Service

Employee self service eliminates the need for HR-related paperwork and minimizes the workload of your HR team. First of all, employees won’t have to wait on the HR department to access, retrieve or update their files. They will be able to easily to upload or retrieve information related to their payroll records, health insurance, and vacation days.

Reduced paperwork means that transaction accuracy will increase and catching data entry errors will not be an issue anymore. Your employees will also feel that they have control over their information, making them feel valued, and as a result, it will maximize their contribution to your organization.

  1. Manager Self Service

Rest assured that you will reduce the cost of running your business when all the information that you need is a simple click away. Instead of having to go through all the paperwork in your drawer, you can now find the right data about the right employee in a simple manner. In addition, you will be able to access information related to your employees’ attendance and working hours shortages. If you notice a pattern of consecutive tardiness, you can tackle the issue before it turns into a problem.

As a manager using ZenHR, you will start to feel more efficient and effective in a sense that you can now easily see where your employees need improvement. As a result, you can create better strategies that fit the current situation of your team, and you will eventually begin to realize an increase in compliance.

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