Tips for Pre-Boarding Your New Hires

Most companies opt for conventional ways in welcoming their new employees, but there is always space for improvement. In fact, onboarding of new hires starts before their first work day, and it is much more than making an announcement and following HR checklists. The welcoming process that you follow could significantly affect turnover and enhance the productivity of your new hires. The following pre-boarding tips can help your new hires start on a good note and be fully engaged from day one.

Keep Open Communication Channels

Shortly after your new employee signs the job offer, contact him or her, preferably by phone, to express how excited you are about him or her joining the team. This call is best made by the manager whom the employee will report to. By doing so, you will give the impression that there’s an open communication channel between you and the new employee. Another way to stay in touch is to schedule a face-to-face meeting once the job offer has been accepted. This is a great opportunity for the employee to get to know his or her manager better.

Keep Your New Hire in the Know

Give your new employee an intro about the company and the roles of each member of his or her team. Share full information about your company benefits, your employee handbook, and provide any other relevant documents that need to be reviewed before the start date of the new hire. This way you will be able to answer any questions or concerns that may arise ahead of time.

Send a Company-wide Announcement

Make sure that the rest of the team is well-informed about the arrival of your new hire and assign responsibilities to each one of them accordingly. Send a company-wide announcement containing the new employee’s name, job title, direct manager’s name and start date to all company personnel.

Send a Welcome Gift

While this might sound excessive at first glance, but it’s a great way to demonstrate your company culture and give a positive impression of your work environment. Opt for a simple yet meaningful gift that won’t break your budget, but can help the new employee start on a good note.

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