Tips to Fix a Broken Recruitment Process

Are you wondering how a recruiting process can be broken? A broken recruitment process is one where candidates are discouraged from applying to your organization. Are you not sure why candidates are declining your job offers? Believe it or not, the issue might not be in the offer, but in the recruitment process itself. If you aim to target young, energetic and driven employees, then you have to make sure that you create an authentic and easily accessible application experience.

Focus on Group Effort

When hiring candidates, it can be quite normal for the workload to fall on the shoulders of one person. Hiring qualified candidates should never be a one man show since it comes with a lot of responsibilities. It goes without saying, that the recruitment process is collaborative and should involve not just the recruiter, but other team members as well. In order to ensure that you’re making the right choice, you’ve got to have your colleagues involved to help you evaluate the candidate in question.

Collect Interview Feedback

How do you collect feedback when you interview a candidate? In order to achieve better hiring decisions, it would be beneficial to collect precise feedback on the candidate from the other interviewers. You’ll increase your chances of hiring for top talent when you are well prepared and collect meaningful feedback. It could be beneficial to incorporate the aspect of scorecards into your hiring process. This way, you can compare candidates and see whether or not they meet the expected standards.

Train Your Interviewers

An awful candidate experience can really hurt your recruiting process. Your recruiting team plays a huge role in creating a candid experience and a smooth hiring process. It’s of great importance to train your team in order to prevent any probable lawsuits. Sometimes, if interviewers aren’t trained properly, they might fall under the risk of asking  illegal or inappropriate questions and lose a great candidate as a result of a poor interview process.

Pay Attention to Social Channels

Did you know that many job seekers take advantage of free channels? Think about it this way, would you actually follow random social media accounts if you weren’t hunting for opportunities? Social media channels can help you learn more about the candidates you’re interviewing from their social media channels. Last but not least, social media can be a great way for you to promote yourself and can pay off in terms of enhancing brand awareness.

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Written By: Fatima Rassool

Categories: HR Articles & Tips