Factors Contributing to Employee Burnout

Does your company suffer from employee burnout? Did you know that almost 95% of organizations admit that employee burnouts occur because employees feel mentally, physically and emotionally drained? Employee burnouts can threaten organizations as employees will feel like they can’t collect the right enthusiasm to work efficiently. Several factors can contribute to employee burnout, and as an  HR personnel, there are a few things that you can do to combat it from taking its toll on the workplace:

Too Much Information, Too Little Attention

Do you find your attention disseminating across multiple tasks? When employees are bombarded with never ending to-do lists, overflowing inbox messages, and incessant meetings,  managing their time becomes quite of a hassle. When employees find themselves dealing with too many things at once, their attention will be diverted and they will start to feel overwhelmed and burned out. For these reasons, it would be necessary to have the employees master the art of  ”attention management” by taking courses on how they can master their attention in order to maintain optimal performance.

Unclear Requirements

Your employees will find it hard to succeed in the organization when their job roles aren’t clear, and that could eventually lead them to lose interest in their jobs. Unclear roles and job descriptions can demotivate employees and make it difficult to find task significance. When job descriptions are clearly explained and when the job requirements are vague, employees will find themselves caught in a conundrum and they will be at a higher risk of burnout.

No Employee Recognition

Did you know that around 70% of employees would work harder if their efforts were actually appreciated? Many organizations nowadays don’t take the concept of employee recognition too seriously, and risk losing their best employees as a result of this misstep. Employees will most definitely experience burnout when they start to feel like no matter how hard they work, their efforts are going to waste. The good things is, this can easily be reverted by setting a “Recognition Day” for your employees, sending them spontaneous treats, distributing Thank You cards, or even giving them prize tokens.

No Opportunities for Career Growth

At some point, all employees want to climb the ladder to success and reach higher positions. When employees start to feel like they’ve reached a point where they can’t advance in their careers,  they’ll definitely start to seek for opportunities elsewhere. Career development is crucial for every employee as it strengthens their sense of worth and won’t make them feel like their efforts are going to waste.

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Written By: Fatima Rassool

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