Few Things Every HR Manager Should Know

HR managers are supposed to wear many hats; they are expected to adapt to changes and implement them in the workplace when necessary. If you’ve just been promoted to a management position or you’ve been managing your own staff for years, there are a few things you should always keep in mind if you wish to uphold your position and priorities. Its fundamentally important to build a healthy relationship with your team, and in order to do that, here a few things you should keep in mind as a manager:

How to Plan For The Future

Never underestimate the importance of planning for the future. Planning involves the process of foreseeing the results that the organization wants to achieve. As a manager, you always have to be one step ahead. Finding the right talent is never easy, which is why you should be prepared to fill a future need when a position becomes available. In addition, managers must be able to envision any possible risk factors and develop the necessary contingency plans to deal with them as required.

Attending Training Classes is Never Enough

Attending training classes can be a great way to broaden your horizons and learn new things. However, attending classes is not enough. When you learn new things, it’s extremely important to know how to apply them. If you want your team to develop the necessary skills then it’s important to allow them to practice what they learn and apply them in the workplace. As a manager, you must be in charge of your employees’ development process, and that their work results are tracked and monitored.

A Development Goal is NOT a Plan

In order to achieve your goals, you must have a coherent mission and vision. First things first, developing a goal will require that you apply a bunch of activities and development assignments. As a manager, your assistance will definitely be needed in setting up the assignments and in providing feedback.  Stopping at just developing a goal will take your nowhere. If you’re willing to accomplish a goal, then you’ve got to put together a well-driven plan. Your plan can be anything from detailed to simple, yet it must reflect your best estimate of what it will take to accomplish your goals.

There’s No Immunity From Failure

As an HR manager, you must have been certainly advised to make it safe to fail. Yet there’s a catch. If you always promise your employees immunity from failure, then they’ll never really learn. A comfort zone may be a safe place, but nothing really grows there. For this reason, its crucially necessary to teach your employees that failure doesn’t mean that they’re not perfect, or not good at their jobs. Demonstrate to your employees that making mistakes are fine, as long as they learn from them.

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Written By: Fatima Rassool

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