Tips For Managing Several Teams in Several Locations

Managing employees can be quite of a challenging task, and spreading them out across multiple locations makes the process even harder. Keeping track of your employees will demand careful planning and time management skills. It might be overwhelming at first, but it can be easily done with the right dedication, support and preparation. If you’re juggling to manage multiple teams in multiple locations, then the following strategies might help keep your business running smoothly.

Be Present at all Locations

It goes without saying that if you’re managing  multiple locations, then you’ll have to maintain a regular presence across several locations. When you make the effort to be present at all locations, you’ll ensure that all locations are thriving and working efficiently. When visiting a location, you should look at how your employees interact with each other and with customers. In addition, you should determine whether or not certain locations need renovations, and if inventory is properly accounted for. Your employees will definitely stay on  track and on top of their game when you make regular visits and take the time to show them that you are there for support.

Keep Procedures Consistent

Managing several locations comes with its own necessities. Every location may have its own layout and serves its own unique purpose. The key to successfully managing each location is to simply keep your base procedures consistent amongst all locations. When you keep performance and procedures consistent within your organization, your employees can easily pick up shifts at different locations without feeling like things have drastically changed for them.


As a leader, your job will demand that you delegate a huge bulk of your work to your employees. When you assign day to day tasks to other people, make sure that the assignments and workload aren’t tied to a specific location. It’s very important to create a solid structure and hire supervisors or assistant managers that could help you proficiently manage each and every one of your locations.

Foster Team Building

When you’re managing multiple teams, it’s pivotal to create a solid team in order to stimulate a healthy work environment. Fostering team building will help your employees grow closer and work effectively with each other. For instance, you can always opt for holding a complete staff meeting twice a year at a specific location in order to work on great team building activities and  strategic planning. In order to help employees get to know each other better, you can always host holiday parties for all employees, hold quarterly training sessions, or cross schedule employees at different locations.

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Written By: Fatima Rassool 

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