From Acquire to Retire: How Technology Can Impact The Employee Life Cycle

Today, many organizations are investing in HR technology. HR departments are now finding the need to redesign themselves in order to adapt to new changes. HR and IT sectors are working hand in hand, with the aim to cultivate talent and optimize recruitment processes. There are various stages in the Employee Life Cycle that can help enhance the employment procedure. So how can technology impact the employee lifecycle?


With the help of technology, applicants can now apply for a vacancy online, or even through social media. With the help of an Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), HR practitioners can now easily parse CVs, and search for the skills that are required for the vacancy. An ATS is definitely an effective approach to recruiting, especially when all the information that you need regarding a candidate can be available to you with just a simple click of the mouse. Are you interested in tracking your candidate’s journey throughout your hiring pipeline? Visit us at and request a demo!


Onboarding is one of the most important steps in the recruitment process. Many organizations are now using Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS), which makes the onboarding process a breeze for both the employees and the HR department. With an HRMS, new employees can log into an online portal, input his or her personal information and upload their personal documents. An HRMS allows you to be engaged in the employment process at an early stage. You can assign tasks to several departments and that will ensure everything is ready for the new employee, from email, equipment, to completing a few tasks.


The key to motivating and retaining your employees is to recognize their efforts and rewarding them for it. Acknowledging their achievements will boost their enthusiasm and work productivity. Salary increases; promotions, benefit increases and awards are a great way to keep your employees satisfied and motivated. In order to reward your hard working employees, you must always measure their progress, by measuring the extent of their productivity.


The final stage in the employment cycle is when an employee leaves the company as a result of dismissal, resignation, or retirement.  It’s crucially important to make sure that your offboarding process is just as smooth as the onboarding process, where the employee can leave the organization on good terms. With an HRMS system like ZenHR, you can now make sure that the employee’s termination process will contribute to the employees experience in a positive way. The impression that your organization will leave on the employee will be shared to others, which is why an HRMS will ensure that the offboarding process goes smoothly and both you and the departing employee will be satisfied with the process.

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Written By: Fatima Rassool

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