Are You An Employer of Choice?

Employers have a large responsibility on their shoulders; not only due to their superior tasks at the workplace, but also because they are in charge of their employees. It’s easy to forget how many people truly look up to you for guidance, but it can surprise you how many of them actually do. In addition, employees can be very critical of the image and persona you project to them. As a result, the way you portray yourself to your employees can drastically affect the turnover at your organization and how many people would actually choose to come and work for you.

Why become an Employer of Choice?

The importance of being an employer of choice shows itself when the job market is not exactly bursting at the seams with talent. It has become difficult to attract talent to your organization because there isn’t much of it. Talented employees know how much they are worth and with the vast amounts of companies they can work for all over the world, it can be tricky having the best talent want to choose you as their employer, so how do you go about being an employer of choice?

Traits Of An Employer Of Choice


Nowadays, talented candidates in the job market are able to pick and choose where they’d like to work and no one in their right mind would resort to a rigid and monotonous job. It has been shown that when they have a choice, Millennials prefer flexible employers that are able to accommodate their employees in terms of mental health, physical health, and creative expression.


Communication is truly the key to everything. Having open lines of communication at work between the employer and his/her employees is essential to a healthy working environment that offers a safe space for discussion, allowing their creativity to grow in the workplace. Job seekers will always choose the job they feel most comfortable speaking their mind in, and they will choose the employer most likely to take their suggestions and ideas into account rather than dismiss them and be an autocratic authority in the workplace.


One thing that discourages employees like no other, is the lack of appreciation in the workplace. They could truly love their job and feel passionate about what they do, but if their employer offers no supportive feedback or a pat on the back for a job well done, they will withdraw from their work and feel discouraged from investing their effort and time into what they do. This could lessen the quality and frequency of production at the workplace which could damage the business, so good feedback and the occasional praise are the perfect investment down the line.

Get Started

These tips are fairly easy to apply to your working life! It will prove to be much more beneficial not only to yourself, but to your employers as well. After all, you must care for the well-being and comfort of your employers as much as you care for you own, and that is the ultimate secret to having a successful and thriving organization.

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