The Cost Of HR Mistakes

A small mistake could sometimes snowball into a huge problem. We all make mistakes, but sometimes certain mistakes in HR can be very costly. Making the wrong call can carry some heavy circumstances, especially if the cost is prohibitively expensive. HR professionals are usually under the pressure of ensuring their HR processes are up to date and running smoothly.  A simple misstep in the hiring process may lead to a bad hire, which could be detrimental to work productivity and employee morale.

Asking The Wrong Interview Questions

Believe it or not, asking the wrong interview questions can lead to a whirlwind of legal issues. HR professionals must steer clear of asking questions related to ethnicity, religion, or political views as they could be easily misinterpreted by the interviewee. Sometimes a casual interview question or an innocent inquiry can cause many HR professionals to deal with discrimination allegations. For instance, an applicant who was qualified for the position but did not get hired, might press charges for any illegal questions they were asked for during the interview.

Inadequate Onboarding Process

As an HR professional, you probably know that a solid onboarding process can retain top talent, keep employees happy, and increase productivity. So what happens when you have an inadequate onboarding process? Employees will feel disengaged, out of place, and uncomfortable. Reduced productivity, disengagement, and unhappy employees can serve as heavy costs to an organizations. A proper onboarding can most definitely reduce turnover, and we all know how costly it is to replace an employee.

Firing Employees too Hastily

Terminating employees should never be done in the heat of the moment. Sometimes, HR practitioners fail to follow proper protocol when terminating employees, which may lead to hasty decisions and dissatisfied employees. In some instances, when employees get terminated, their coworkers usually take over their tasks, which eventually decreases work morale. In addition, terminating an employee too hastily, can make them feel resentful towards the company. As a result, they may start to tarnish the company’s reputation by spreading negative comments about them in general.

Outdated Employee Handbook

An employee handbook can be a valuable tool for establishing regulations and communicating policies. Its crucially important to customize an employee handbook based on local employment laws, as well as policies that are unique to your company. An outdated employee handbook is a huge liability, and as an employer you must keep track of any changes that could potentially affect your handbook. When you don’t include all the policies in the handbook employees might have to resort to unconventional methods to learn about the company’s policies. A well-drafted handbook can definitely protect you from employee claims.

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Written By: Fatima Rassool

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