Challenges Facing HR Departments

Do you have a mountain of paperwork piling up on your desk? Do you experience recurring headaches at work? Many HR departments are dealing with various recruitment challenges such as employee retention, fostering diversity and training employees. Developing a workforce is never an easy task, it demands hard work and dedication. As a result, HR departments are facing various continuous challenges, and addressing these issues can be both time consuming and hectic.

Employee Retention

Finding talented employees is one thing, and retaining them is another. Sometimes, when leaders fail to create a comfortable working environment for their talented employees, it could eventually lead to job dissatisfaction. Organizations usually face the challenge of retaining their top employees due to low salaries, the failure to recognize their hard work, and limited growth opportunities. No employee wants to feel like their hard work is taken for granted, especially if they’ve contributed greatly to an organization’s success. As a result, when talented employees feel like their hard work deserves more recognition, appreciation, and acknowledgement, they might start to seek those things somewhere else.

Creating a Value Driven Culture

Millennials today are quite different from previous generations. Many Millennials are now looking for jobs with flexible schedules, casual dress codes, and the opportunity to work remotely. Companies that are not able to fulfill these demands, find themselves at a crossroad when it comes to hiring talented employees. According to a research conducted by Pew Research (2016), Millennials are now the largest generation and they account for a huge percentage of our workforce. An organization’s culture plays a huge role in enhancing productivity, customer satisfaction, and attendance. Creating a cultural fit can be quite of a challenge, especially when the work environment and corporate culture are not in sync with the candidates. The challenge in creating a value driven culture, is sourcing, selecting and retaining the right candidates for the job. As a result, the solution lies in fostering efficient communication methods that can easily engage employees.

Attracting Talent

Attracting talent is never easy, and finding candidates with the right cultural fit doesn’t make the process any easier. So how can you make your company more appealing to candidates? If your potential candidate does not see room for improvement in your organization, they will not feel tempted to accept the offer. In addition, many organizations fail to keep their websites updated, which won’t give talented candidates a positive impression. HR practitioners must ensure that their job postings are coherent and up to date. As a result, enhancing their online presence can serve as a great method to attract quality candidates to their pipeline.

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Written By: Fatima Rassool

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