Benefits of a Payroll System

Today, every growing organization needs a reliable payroll system. As the number of employees continues to increase, so will the additional paperwork. For these reasons, an automated payroll system will help you sort out financial documents without the need to keep a stack of paperwork on your desk. Rest assured that with our payroll system, you would no longer have to worry about administrative costs or payroll legislation! But the benefits of a payroll’s system don’t just end here; the system offers other great advantages:

Record Keeping

ZenHR’s payroll system allows you to keep your employee’s records safe, secured, and backed up. With our system, you can monitor and keep track of how much you’re paying your employees for overtime, as well as keep records of their annual leaves. You wouldn’t need to use multiple other software packages since our payroll system allows you to store such information in one place. In addition, record keeping allows you to comply with all laws, and eases the process of end-of-year tax preparations.


A payroll system will allow you to pay your employees in a timely and accurate manner. This will help you retain your top employees as well as keep them motivated and satisfied.

In addition, our payroll system will allow you to accurately store information related to your employee’s working hours, as it reduces the chances of human errors. As a result, such systems will produce accurate data for you and that is crucially important for processing payments correctly.

Tax Management

We are all aware of the headache that tax calculations can cause for HR practitioners. ZenHR’s payroll system will definitely minimize your stress and allow you to keep your sanity even when it comes to computing tax. All records are stored in the computer, which means you’ll no longer need to keep piles of pay-slips in your desk drawer. You’ll also be up to date on all tax laws and regulations. An automated payroll system will also give you easy access to accurate tax records, and you won’t have to manually deal with tax-related computations anymore.

Time Efficiency

Finally, with our payroll system, you will no longer have to worry about manually managing employee sick leaves, attendance hours, absences, and pay slips. Employees can record and update their own personal information, which will leave HR practitioners with extra time to spare on other tasks that might require their undivided attention. Payroll systems aren’t only time efficient, but they are cost efficient as well. Manual payroll can take hours to complete depending on the number of employees in an organization. Whereas when the payroll process is automated, paychecks will be automatically generated, and administrative time will be cut short, thus making your business more cost-efficient.

An automated payroll system has proven to ensure compliance with local employment laws, and adheres to your industry’s standards. If you want to avoid minor errors that could be made by manually processing payroll, then let ZenHR takeover the process for you. With our automated payroll system, you’ll prevent the leakage of confidential data, you can track data changes, and ensure that any data error can be easily rectified.

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Written By: Fatima Rassool

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