Having A Well Structured Onboarding Process

Finding the perfect match for a job vacancy can be quite nerve wrecking. Even when you find the perfect candidate – your job won’t be over yet. You still need to welcome the candidate and make sure that they fit in at the organization. Welcoming new hires in an organized way can play a monumental role in retaining top talent and keeping them happy. Preparing employees for their jobs will set them off on the right foot and eliminate any discrepancies.  As a result, a structured and well-organized onboarding process can ensure that they will succeed at an early stage.

Before They Start: Send them details about their first day, along with the forms they have to fill out.

The first phase of the onboarding process begins as soon as you get the authority to hire. Before an employee begins working in your organization, make sure you have their office, desk, computer and tools available before they start. After selecting a new hire, proceed by sending them emails with the forms they should fill out. Notify support departments to follow up with the new hire to ensure that everything is prepared ahead of time, such as having IT create an email account for them.

Their First Day: Connect them with their team and show them around.

The onboarding process is the perfect opportunity to make a lasting impression on your new hire. So start off by showing them around the building, and introducing them to their team. Inform them of any security codes, protocols, or company policies that they should know about. Explain how payroll, insurance, sick days and holidays are distributed over the year. Aside from settling into the office, the new hire must sit down with their appointed manager to discuss their role, their team, or any final words the manager would like to share with them. Finally, give them a list of tasks that are not too hard to achieve. Make sure that you don’t overwhelm them with a complicated to-do list on their very first day.

Training: “Why” and “How

On-the-job training conducted in the first few weeks will definitely enhance employee morale. Training covers the technicalities of the job. It must encompass the ‘’why’’ and ‘’how’’ certain procedures are done around the office, how to work with certain equipment, and how to get the job done. For the first 90 days, make sure that you regularly schedule meetings with the new hire to discuss their tasks, achievements, and of course – share feedback. Over the course of the first few weeks, assign your new hire to shadow different departments. This will help them understand how the company works, and how their role fits into the structure of the organization.

A successful onboarding process can help build, train, and sustain high performing teams, which will definitely give your organization a competitive advantage. By increasing employee engagement, reducing turnover and increasing productivity, your employees’ performances will definitely improve. Are you ready for a well-structured onboarding process? ZenHR’s onboarding program will work wonders for you, and you’ll never have to worry about retaining top talent.

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Written By: Fatima Rassool

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