The Anatomy Of Work – What is Zen?

Picture this, your company is a living organism; a fully-formed and functional organism operated by the working organs. You, the head of your company or your department, are the mind managing that body. It is elementary science that taught us if one organ malfunctions then the entire body would deteriorate not much after. For the “organism” to work to its full capability, all elements must work together in harmony. This harmony and togetherness is what we call Zen; it is the togetherness of mind and body, and an intense state of focus without distortion.

In a modern, fast-paced world like ours it can be difficult to tackle tasks at your place of work without undergoing major strain and stress. The days of relaxed 9-to-5 jobs that end the moment you get home or jobs you can comfortably finish up in that timespan are ancient history. In the 21st Century, the workplace is an incessant whirlwind with large numbers of employees operating at high efficiency in record time; it’s how the world keeps spinning. When working at such a high caliber and production reaching an all-time high, it can be very easy to lose track of your own, as well as your employees’ well-being, especially as someone in a superior position; like a business owner or manager. So how do you, as a business owner or manager, keep track of your employees at the same break-neck speed? In a world so focused on producing as much as possible in as little time as possible, how do you maintain your composure and keep your company in a state of Zen?  

That’s where ZenHR comes into play! ZenHR is a cloud-based Human Resources Management System (HRMS) that is specifically designed to serve SMEs (up to 1,000 employees) in the MENA market. It offers a plethora of services that makes your job much easier and enjoyable. These services include an online employee onboarding process that ensures your new employees are a perfect fit for your company culture with a suitable work ethic to become effective members of your company, it records attendance for your employees accurately, and includes an employee directory that records the names and titles of all employees in the company with their contact information, and also shows the chain of command within the business. Additionally, it has a company calendar where you can set up company wide events or address specific employees, and a record of employee payrolls enabling online transactions, as well as an easy online company setup with a user-friendly settings page.

Once you use ZenHR to setup your business and manage employee affairs, it will feel like a huge weight has been lifted, there will no longer be missing paperwork or any miscommunication. It is instantaneous and accessible to everyone, so it will ease your mind when it comes to handling human resources, and have things running in tip-top shape. Your company will go from a hot mess to a well-oiled machine, or for the sake of consistency with the first imagery, a fully-functional body. Your organization’s working “organs” will entirely be on your screen, a mere click away, and that will bring Zen not only to you as an employee or superior, but to the company itself.

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By Fatima Anabtawi

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